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Latest reviews and comments

NE Nanning Expats
"type in 长月巷 into baidu maps and it’ll pop up"
T- TreeGuy - Roger
"it would be cool if you Nanning expats could provide a linl to a map so us mere mortals could find this street"
A Alex
"Pizza #1 Spain spicy salami- overall the pizza flavor was very good. The bread was soft but not doughy. Ingredients were fresh and delicious. Pizza #2 - pepperoni pepper: this..."
How to unlock your WeChat Pay? Guide with pictures
A Allan
"Thank you very much, it worked !!!"
How to unlock your WeChat Pay? Guide with pictures
L lucien
"Bank cards When will it be possible to add a foreign credit card ?"
Club Cosmo
G Gracehyuk35
" food and drinks are good., and the price is reasonable. we had a good time there. "
Club Cosmo
MM MC Meng
" Good venue and good drink are suitable for drinking and chatting。 "
Chu Zhi Yu
D李 David 李大龙
" The best hamburger in Nanning without a doubt,probably the best in all Guangxi and maybe one of the world's best hamburguers "
Chu Zhi Yu
T老 Tarek 老塔
"Hi everyone. Great burgers and super juicy and tender meat. Tried American Classic and Parmesan. Really great. Ill be back for sure and recommend gladly to others. Come early and..."
Babel French Restaurant & Bar- Vankeli
JH John Haden
"I think this is one of the best restaurants in Nanning. Large western food menu with good varitey. A little more expensive than most places but very good quality. cheesecake..."
Le Charme De Saigon- MixC branch
JH John Haden
"I think this is one of the best vietnam restaurants on Nanning. "
Yeecoo Bar - Beer Food Tattoo
S Sean
"My friends and I ordered four different kinds of flattened sandwiches and we threw four different kinds in the trash after a few bites. The bread isnt right and..."

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